My Book Report – The Great Turkey Walk


The Great Turkey Walk


Kathleen Karr

Main Characters

Simon Green, Mr. Peece, Lizzie, Jabeth, Simon’s Pa, Cleaver


Simon finishes school (third grade) for the fourth time. He becomes a turkey walker because, Simon ended up loving birds for his whole life. He loved a lot of birds but his favorite (I believe its his favorite) is the turkey. Simon ends up getting into a trip through three states (eight-hundred miles). It gets a bit rough. There are a lot of turkey killers and turkey rustlers. They lose a lot of turkeys. they make it to they’re destination! They end up with tons of money and live happily ever after.

My Thoughts and Recommendations

This book was fine, it had great adventures and i thought at the end they would separate. I was so sad even though i wasn’t at that part. Turns out they didn’t! I recommend it like the other books and this is an amazing adventure and action book. It was pretty nice.


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