Health – The Skin



The Skin And Some Facts

I made a model of the skin as you can see above, and I talked about how the skin got it’s color and other things about it. Everyone creates melanin, it’s in our bodies to make our skin color. People that are white have less melanin while black people have more melanin.  The big ball groups in your body are fat. Once we are adult, the number of fat cells don’t change much, but your fat cells can grow and that makes you get fatter. The red lines are blood vessels. They carry your blood to different locations in your body. If you cut yourself, you cut a vessel, but the body will make more. The skin has three layers, here are the names: Epidermis, Dermis, and Subcutaneous.

My Thoughts About Project

I thought the project was cool and fun to make. I learned a lot of things from it. All projects are fun even though you might think it will be boring. Read on, explore on, and have more FUN!



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