My Book Report – Shades Of Gray



Shades Of Gray


Carolyn Reeder

Main Characters

Will/William Paige, Meg, Uncle Jed, Aunt Ella, Hank, Amos, and Patrick.


In the beginning Will goes to the country because his whole family died and only his cousin Meg, Uncle Jed, and Aunt Ella have lived.  In the middle of the story Will had to do a lot of farm work, he tries proving himself to his uncle and he hates him because he chose not to fight in the war, and Will was proud of his father because he fought for the union. In the end Will got a letter from Doc Martin (The guy who brought him there) saying “Will, I would be proud to raise you as my son, but you must make your own decision.” so Will has to decide if he wants to stay with his new family or go back to the city.

My Thoughts and Recommendation

I think this book is a great book. It has some action in it. I recommend that others should read it! It’s exciting at the end. I loved it so much that I wanted to read it all the time but I wanted to do it on school days. It is a real good book – try it!


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