My Book Report – Caddie Woodlawn



Caddie Woodlawn


Carol Ryrie Brink

Main Characters

Caddie Woodlawn, Tom, Warren, Little Joe, Harriet, and Johnny


In the beginning, we learn that Caddie is part of the Woodlawn family, she’s an adventurer, friends with Indians and not a lady like her sisters and her mother. She has 6 siblings. Caddie goes exploring a lot and her uncle takes Nero, her dog, and then he runs away. Caddie gets news that the Indians want to attack their town and she has to go to her friends to warn them. In the end, Caddie and her family get a  great surprise.

My Thoughts and Recommendations

This book is fabulous, there is so much action in this. I recommend others should read it, and if you didn’t read Shades Of Gray, go check it out. So anyways, others should read it if they like adventures, action, and fun!


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